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A young woman was restrained, force-fed and injected with cosmetics in a high street shop window as part of a hard-hitting protest against animal testing.

Jacqueline Traide was tortured in front of hundreds of horrified shoppers in a bid to raise awareness and end the practise.

The 24-year-old endured 10 hours of experiments, which included having her hair shaved and irritants squirted in her eyes, as part of a worldwide campaign by Lush Cosmetics and The Humane Society.

The disturbing stunt took place in Lush’s Regent Street store, one of the UK’s busiest shopping streets.

Jacqueline appeared genuinely terrified as she was pinned down on a bench and had her mouth stretched open with two metal hooks while a man in a white coat force-fed her until she choked and gagged.

The artist was also injected with numerous needles, had her skin braised and lotions and creams smeared across her face.

Passers-by were gobsmacked to see Jacqueline, a social sculpture student at Oxford Brookes University, forced to have a section of her head shaved.

The gruesome spectacle aimed to highlight the cruelty inflicted on animals during cosmetic laboratory tests and raise awareness that animal testing is still a common practise.

The Humane Society International and Lush Cosmetics have joined forces to launch the largest-ever global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics.

The campaign, launched to coincide with World Week for Animals in Laboratories, is being rolled out simultaneously in over 700 Lush Ltd shops across forty-seven countries including the United States, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Russia.

Lush campaign manager Tamsin Omond said: “The ironic thing is that if it was a beagle in the window and we were doing all these things to it, we’d have the police and RSPCA here in minutes.

“But somewhere in the world, this kind of thing is happening to an animal every few seconds on average.

“The difference is, it’s normally hidden. We need to remind people it is still going on.”

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Questiondating advice? Answer


OH man you came to the right person my friend. I have a whole thing on dating. This is going to be a long post.
(Declaimer: this is more or less a conventional dating guide and is not necessarily the right or wrong way to go about it)

Asking someone out:
Step 1. Just do it.
Just get it over with. Be honest. Do not follow them around like a lost puppy. Don’t just ask them to “hang out” and assume they know its a date. They won’t know its a date and might be weirded out later. Specify its a date. If they say no, back off. If your polite about it theres a 98% chance you can still be friends. Be sad for a little while then get back out there cuz there are truly lots of fish in the sea.

Step 2. The first date
The first date its critical because its the “getting to know you” date. Even if you have been friends with this person for a while this is a chance to get to know them in a romantic setting. 
Don’t go to the movies on the first date. Too much of the date is spent watching something and not talking. 
Don’t have a date in a secluded place like your house(happened to me) or idk some empty park at night. You want people around because they might not be 100% comfortable being alone with you yet. 
Lunch dates are great because it is during they day and there are a lot of people around. Even just going to dinner is good too. Maybe getting ice cream after. Go to an amusement park, a fair, A park during the day, sports game, apple picking or something like these.
At the end of the date you’ll know if it went good or not. If you had a good time ask them if they would like to do it again. If they say no, be polite, don’t complain, move on with your life.

Step 3 The second date
Again Specify that its a date. Totally go to the movies for this one. You hopefully have some idea of what they like so you have a better idea of what to see together. Also it becomes a great discussion topic after the date. Again At the end of the date ask them if they would like to do it again.

Step 4 The Third date.
Do pretty much what ever you want here. Express yourself and show your date what your all about. You got a cool shop you like going to? Take them there. Awesome movie you love? Show it to them. Love hiking? Show them you fav spot. At the end of the date ask them the same question. Assess the situation because this is a good point to ask them to be your gf/partner/bf/significant other. If they say no, be polite, don’t complain, move on with your life.

Who pays?
I think who ever asked the person out should be prepared to pay. If the other person insists on paying their half tho let them. Don’t be an asshole.

When ever both of you consent to doing it. On the First date. After 10 dates. After an established relationship. Marriage. Hell you don’t even have to be going on dates.

Being in a relationship:
Establish the boundaries of the relationship

What is everyone ok with. Are you in a closed relationship? Is it open? Is sex ok? How much time do you need with each other? How serious do you want the relationship to be?
The biggest part of a healthy relationship is communication. You have to take your partners feelings into account but also make your own known. Without this normal miscommunications become horrendous and result in a lot of hurt feelings. 
People say that a relationship is a lot of work and it is. But it shouldn’t be work like your job. A relationship is a like your making a piece of art together. You have to communicate and collaborate. Find whats best for the both of you. You have to put effort into it and sometimes it can be stressful but its fun and worth it. If the piece of work isn’t going how you want and you’re unhappy? Maybe you need to have a big talk with your significant other or It maybe time to end the relationship.

Its hard to define how a relationship “should be” because everyone is different and has different needs so each relationship is different. 

But ultimately the goal is it be happy and have a good time.

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Less “I love you the way you are so please don’t ever change” and more “I love you the way you are, and I will love and support you in any changes you need to make to be happy”.

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“I am not a graceful person. I am not a Sunday morning or a Friday sunset. I am a Tuesday 2 a.m., gunshots muffled by a few city blocks, I am a broken window during February. My bones crack on a nightly basis. I fall from elegance with a dull thud, and I apologize for my awkward sadness. I sometimes believe that I don’t belong around people, that I belong to all the leap days that didn’t happen. The way light and darkness mix under my skin has become a storm. You don’t see the lightning, but you hear the echoes.”
•Anna Peters•